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risque art, undies 

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Carrd page is all updated with the new pricing!

TYSM for the support as always <3

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Yo anyone in the DC area looking for a roommate? 👀

Work, idk 

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Who else gonna work for 14 hours accidentally and then do another 10 the next day

Hot chicken hot chicken hot chicken hot chicken

Does anyone else obsessively check tracking for packages the day of delivery, then have no idea what to do with yourself once the webpage says "delivered"

also at this point i've just given up trying to actually learn javascript. it's witchcraft

suddenly realized I haven't watched youtube in like a week...

I kinda wanna do a dumb idea of some custom printed PCB fursona badges that actually do stuff. Anyone have any cool, simple sketches that they'd wanna see printed? Just puttin' out feelers atm.

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Rabbits. Supplies. That's it.