I think the family apartment next to me has a play room next to my office and they have to hear me honk my new clown horn whenever I wanna shitpost on telegram.

@quasar@snouts.online yeah! the doping process is imperfect so it's less expensive to design one big mondo processor circuit and print them off as fast as possible then put the dies through rigorous testing to see what they can handle/what works. itty bitty transistors


chicken tendies and wine ://3

who wants to draw my fursona in a white tank top and acid washed mom jeans, please

I do kinda miss the fun of a local timeline on a masto instance but y'know, vanity instance and all

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Hopefully this video works fine on here.

Here's a test the other day of my bat avatar in Neos VR. Since this was made there's been a few tweaks, such as eye blinking, a bunch of expressions can be done (blush, cry, frown, smile, wing movements, etc), nose can be booped, etc.

Avatar was made by Scout (JoshuaMK2) on Twitter :3

I burned my mouth on a pie I made last night and I regret everything today

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Rabbits. Supplies. That's it.